Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers regarding the service from Canvas Buddy

What image types can I use?

Only JPEG format (*.jpg, *.jpeg) can be used. The standard format for digital cameras is JPEG.

How large can my image file be?

We process images with file sizes up to 2 GB. If your images are larger, that is not a problem. Simply contact us to make arrangements. We can also receive your data on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

How do I upload an image?

First go to GET STARTED, then click 'Browse...' under 'Upload your image' to select an image directly on your hard drive. You can find your images on the hard drive easily again by creating a folder on the desktop or a special directory (such as Ace Portraits) for storing all the images from your digital camera. Clicking the 'Upload' button will add your image directly to the process.

What resolution must my image have?

The higher the resolution, the better the image quality. However, file size also increases at higher resolution. Using the special Ace Portraits optimization of the files, we even achieve good quality in large format prints made from images taken with a 2 megapixel camera. Please remember, however, that the quality of a finished product is determined by the resolution, and we do not accept responsibility for complaints caused by insufficient resolution.

How much are shipping costs?

Shipping costs are £2.99 tracked UK and £7.99 for Next Day. This is a flat delivery cost per item.

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