Privacy Policy


  1. Canvas Buddy uses the customer's data (e.g. form of address, name, address, email, telephone number, fax number, bank account, credit card data) according to the provisions of the UK Data Protection Act.
  3. The customer's personal data is used exclusively for the execution of contracts concluded between the two parties, e.g. for accounting purposes.
  5. The personal data of the customer transferred to Canvas Buddy will not be available for third persons without the consent of the customer in writing, unless it has to be made available because of a legal or official request.
  7. After the complete execution of the contract, which also includes the full payment of the agreed purchase price, the customer's data, which has to be stored for legal reasons, will be blocked. This data will not be available for further use. Furthermore, the personal data will be deleted, if the customer has not expressly agreed to a further processing and use of his data. In this case, the customer can request the stored data from Canvas Buddy, have it modified or deleted. The consent can be revoked at any time.
  9. In case the customer desires further information or the deletion of the data, they should let us know by using our contact form.
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